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Klimenok Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Postgraduate student, Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Gertsen (Saint-Petersburg, 48 Moyka river embankment),

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The article is devoted to intertextual analysis of Jean Cocteau's (1889–1963) plays «Orphée» (1925) and «La Machine infernale» (1932). The research shows that intertextuality is a considerable side of Cocteau's creative method. This article reveals basic principles of the author's intertextual practice and describes the connection between intertextuality and artistic and philosophical problems of the plays. Particular attention is given to mythopoetic origin in Jean Cocteau's dramaturgy.  Intertextuality is understood first of all as a kind of language representing the author's view of the world. Intertextuality is used for creation of a new «personal myth» because the antique plot turns into the story of the poet, his place in the world and art’s substance. The results of this investigation extend modern notion of the French literature history of XX century and can be used in the syllabus design and for the comments in Cocteau’s editions.

Key words

Jean Cocteau, French drama, intertextuality, modernism, myth, poetics of myth.

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